Para-Cord Bracelets

So, you have seen the UVANI para-cord bracelets! Not only are they good-looking but they support a good cause. Each year our military protects our freedom day in and day out. UVANI wanted to give back a special thank you by creating a bracelet just as strong as them!

They sacrifice time away from loved ones, as well as their very own lives to create a better "here" for the people of The United States of America. UVANI's 'Here' movement is supported by our self-less troops and UVANI feels a strong need to give back.

Wear your bracelet to say I choose to not take my 'here' for granted, but to live it to the fullest!!!! Wear it on your travels and adventures and remember to never take your here for granted!!

For each and every Para-cord bracelet bought UVANI promise to donate .50 cents to to help give back to our heroes and their families. Say thank you to our Veterans and Rock your Here from this day forward.

We love you OUR MILITARY! We are so thankful for your ongoing sacrifices and for your strong families who stand by your side during your self-less service!!! You have choosen to Do what you can in your "here" and Protect your Country and Fellow Americans and for that YOU ROCK.

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