In a world with a vast amount of amazing jewelry designs, brands and businesses what makes UVANI different? Upon the building of a brand such as UVANI I found myself asking a bigger question, "how can I as a designer give more to the world, connect people and change lives with something as small as jewelry? This propelling question is the very question that UVANI was built on. As a young lady I have always wanted to lift up the people around me that were having a bad day or unfortunately a bad season. Since I was a little girl I have had a natural love for beads, jewelry and creating different designs. My wrist, always decorated with an array of beads I had created as a hobby.

People would often compliment and ask about my bracelets, and so a conversation would almost always strike. Everywhere I went day to day places this would happen, the gas station, gym, thrift-store and even local pub people would open up to me and share their worries, fears and regrets. In return I would take off one of my bracelets and give them the simple gift and instantly a smile would bloom on their faces. There wasn't a meaning or special message tied to the bracelet, just a stranger with a nice gesture. Sometimes I wished I had something to leave with them more than just a bracelet, because I know very well life doesn't stop and different seasons can leave many feeling worrisome, regretful and lost.

SO WHY UVANI? UVANI means "located here" so many are asking "well, what does that have to do with jewelry"? UVANI is a Movement created to spread a message to all that wear, give as gifts and come into contact with it's message. As you wear your UVANI design let it be a reminder that you are >>>LOCATE